Who Am I?

Passionate Software Engineer @ Rogers Communications Inc. 5+ years of experience under my belt. Obsessed with writing maintainable/scalable clean code. Love to contribute to open source platforms.

Java; Python(Django) & SQL




JavaScript & Libraries/Frameworks


React; Angular & Vue.js


Redux; TypeScript & jQuery


PHP; Bootstrap & JUEL


Responsive Web Design


Version Control/Git




Agile Methodologies(Scrum)


Focus on UI/UX design




Node.js environment & NPM


Apache Kafka & Oracle Weblogic


Web Services; RESTful/SOAP APIs


Linux; Unix & NGINX


Defect Ticket Management


Web-based applications


PuTTY Secure Shell network Protocol



  • Software Engineer | Rogers Communications Inc. | Toronto,ON | January 2017 — March 2020

    * Achieved Performance Award for "Effective Management" by coaching development team to adopt Agile Methodology over Waterfall Methodology 2 weeks ahead of schedule & 10% under budget. Development Team is on track to deliver their goal of 15 use cases by end of sprint.
    * Efficiently communicated the Project Plan with all stakeholders & teams to streamline the project deliverables. As a result of strong collaboration the project was on schedule, on budget, & within scope.
    * Consumed & exposed web services to the backend team via SOAP/RESTful APIs. Reduced system kick outs by 730,000 messages.
    * Monitored the development environment servers for errors using Linux Admin SSH commands. Decreasing defect lifecycle by 20% in 2nd quarter.
    * Persuaded team members to participate in quality assurance of major application development projects such as Motive SMP, GPON, and SQV (Service Quality Verification). Hence, code base was delivered 95% bug free.
    * Wrote, edited, & maintained systems' documentation of the Motive SMP application utilizing CD, CI, Agile, DEVOPS and data/process modelling techniques to deliver value added product. Resulting in incremental and frequent delivery to stakeholders.
    * Assisted with system application development in a multi-platform environment including mainframe, mid-range and workstation computer systems. Exposure to all angles of the system.
    * Practiced quality assurance methods, tools and techniques for automated/manual business systems. As a result, production environment reported 80% bug reduction in 1st quarter.
    * Worked with Product Owner and Scrum team to document & refine the user stories in Jira and use Confluence as a collaboration tool for the documentation and artifacts. Used GitHub for repositories.
    * Interpreted IT security standard practices & communicated Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) into business language. Business and technical team communication was improved by 60% as a result.
    * Analyzed viability of the solution against Product Owners' required timelines and quality. Code base was delivered to Project manager 1 week ahead of schedule & $200,000 under budget.
    * Assisted with acceptance testing, planning and coordination of system deliverables. Resulting in delivery of 5 additional user stories per sprint.
    * Conducted project review sessions, obtained sign offs, and coordinated acceptance tests. Therefore, system requirements were deployed to production environment 100% bug free.

  • Junior Software Engineer | Anor Inc.
    | Toronto, ON | January 2016 — January 2017

    * Refined business requirements to reduce project timelines by 10% for the System Migration Project.
    * Managed all aspects of the SDLC in an agile environment while 17% under budget.
    * Designed, developed, debugged & enhanced code base as using JavaScript & Angular. Improving code scalability & maintainability by 50%.
    * Conducted automation testing using Selenium, ALM & Azure DEVOPS. Quality assurance environment reported 70% reduction in system bugs as a result.
    * Analyzed business requirements and user experience goals to develop acceptance test plans. Beta Testing team reported 100% positive user experience.
    * Performed quality reviews of design to ensure compliance with project plan, scope and requirements. Improved Stakeholder's satisfaction by 58% than previous projects.
    * Involved in story sizing and task definition during the iterations. Hence, development team delivered 10 user stories in sprint retrospective as planned.
    * Participated in all scrum events- sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review & sprint retrospective.
    * Designed App backend system using PHP & hosted locally using Apache server's XAMPP package.


  • Project Management | University of Toronto
    | Toronto, ON | Mar 2018 — Dec 2018

    This certificate provided a comprehensive overview of Project Management and prepared me to manage large and small-scale projects. I learned the hard skills of cost, time, quality and risk management and the "people skills" needed for long-term success.

  • Agile at Work | LinkedIn Learning | Jun 21, 2018

    With organizational strategy as the foundation, I learned how to develop the project vision and the product roadmap, identify user roles, and write user stories. I had the opportunity to deepen my skills and practice agile facilitation techniques.

  • Police Foundations | Centennial College
    | Toronto, ON | Feb 2008 - Feb 2010

    In this joint diploma program, I spent two years taking Police Foundations courses in the School of Community and Health Studies. The time I spent in the Police Foundations courses resulted in the ability to communicate efficiently, act as a problem-solver, work effectively in teams and help people in the community.

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma | City Adult learning Centre
    | Toronto, ON | Sep 2005 - Sep 2009

    The Ontario Secondary School Diploma was granted to me as part of the publicly funded province-wide school system. It was awarded to me for completing the Ontario education curriculum.

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Subscribe to "Ajmal The Developer" YouTube Channel to watch more videos on Full Stack developement, Web Developement & Business System Analysis.

Web Developement

Subscribe to "Ajmal The Developer" YouTube Channel to watch more videos on Full Stack developement, Web Developement & Business System Analysis.

Business System Analysis

Subscribe to "Ajmal The Developer" YouTube Channel to watch more videos on Full Stack developement, Web Developement & Business System Analysis.

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